Neolen Self Employment Program - NSEP

Learn How to become a self employed in IT.

Awesome Perks

Thriving benefits you earn with Self Employment training are:
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Thriving benefits you earn with Self Employment training are:

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Monthly Stipend

Get paid genuinely for your efforts on a monthly basis.

Powerful Performance

Pre-Placement Offer

If you are a person who can work up to our expectations and finding your dream job through our internships and self-employment program then be sure to secure yourself a Pre-Placement offer from Neolen.

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Internship Certificate

Stand out from the competitive crowd by adding weightage to your resume through our valuable Internship certificates.

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Experience Letter

Your relevant work will let you gain experience letter from Neolen which would speak for your career’s head start.

Powerful Performance

Startup Experience

Get the exposure of startup culture which helps you immensely for the growth of your career.

About Program

Are you a student? Or an IT employee who seeks for a challenging role? Or anyone with technical knowledge and met our criteria for NSEP? Then Neolen Self-Employment Program is the best option as a huge stepping stone in your career. Make your choices pave way for your successful professional path through NSEP.

NSEP teaches you to become self-employed with highly competing and valuable knowledge in IT field. You will become the most treasured resource in your future profession when you are able to complete NSEP and land with flying colors.

NSEP aims at inculcating:

  • Self-employment skills
  • Situation handling skills
  • Direct dealing with clients
  • Corporate behaviour
  • Professional skills

Levels of excellence in Neolen Self-Employment Program

  1. Aids/ Fresher

Candidates who have started the NSEP training are considered Aids/ Freshers for Neolen. Person who is new to this program and has not completed the Self-Employment program yet are in this level.

Perks for Aids

  • A Certificate of Internship to level up your resume.
  • Certificate of excellence based on your performance in our program.
  • Real time startup experience to boost up your resume.
  1. Guide

Any potential candidates who have completed this program and join with Neolen to guide other Aids/ Freshers are considered as Guides.

Perks for Guide

  • Fixed monthly stipend and incentives
  • Guide certificate for your relevant field of work
  • Self-Employed Certificate from Neolen
  • Encouraging goodies and freebies such as t-shirts, badges, brownies, bands and so on will be given from time to time depending on performances.


Our All inclusive Pricing Plan that covers you well
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