Neolen introduces artificial intelligence for various industries to reduce production error, cut down costs, skyrocket productivity, enable faster decision, avoid risks exposed to humans and provide cognitive assistance.
Gain competitive advantage
by developing new business solutions
Use data more effectivelye
and make better-informed decisions
Use our step-by-step approach
to carefully manage your investment
Build AI solutions
without an in-house data science team

AI makes our lives better

Artificial intelligence is already improving people’s lives in many important fields such as quick and easy customer service, intelligent navigation and health diagnostics.
The examples below may well just inspire you to cut costs and meet your clients’ needs by implementing AI solutions in your business.
Object detection is a computer technology related to computer vision and image processing that detects and defines objects such as humans, buildings and cars from digital images and videos (MATLAB). This technology has the power to classify just one or several objects within a digital image at once. Object detection has been around for years, but is becoming more apparent across a range of industries now more than ever before.
car and object detection

Object Detection and Tracking Through PanaCast

Start using our proven methodology

Use case discovery

To get the right start, you’ll need to know two things: the possible machine learning business applications used in various industries, especially your own, and how machine learning can add value to your organization. That’s the knowledge foundation you’ll build your AI strategy on.

From there we can offer a workshop covering use cases from your industry and related ones, consultancy on how to address your business challenges with data you have already gathered, and evaluation of what is possible for your specific business case.

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