We build AI/MR solutions for your product

Make your product smart using lastest technology like Artificial Intelligence and Mixed Reality .


We specialize in AI Corporate Training

AI is adding context, relevance, and personalization to learning experiences when it comes to corporate training. AI is growing the knowledge businesses and employees have when it comes to completing their jobs successfully.

Why choose Us?

Why choose Us.High energy, interactive, transformational

Neolen introduces artificial intelligence for various industries to reduce production error, cut down costs, skyrocket productivity, enable faster decision, avoid risks exposed to humans and provide cognitive assistance.

Why choose Us?

How to start.Build your AI solutions the right way.

Determine the AI solution your business needs. There are different approaches to choose from, depending on your timeframe and budget, your requirements and your organization’s AI maturity.

Why choose Us?

How we help.Make your AI solution the best it can be.

Are you about to start working with AI but need professional support? Kick off your projects with the right help and ensure you have full control over the development, deployment and maintenance of your AI solution.


Machine can read.

Natural Language Processing

Our visual text analytics services help customers derive value from unstructured data leveraging the combined power of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning.

Machine can see.

Computer Vision

Cutting edge services based on object detection, classification/recognition and tracking, optical character recognition (OCR), face recognition, and content-based image retrieval (CBIR).

Machine can understand.

Machine Learning

Our machine learning services analyze huge data and unlock its true potential, improve operational efficiencies and reduce operational risks.

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